Kaosu Group

Manufacturing packaging, protection, and insulation solutions for our customers since 1978.

We are ready to help your business.

Our mission is to be your first choice provider for cushion foam products and molds. We aim to establish a good relationship with our customers by providing them with competitive prices, quality products and reliable services.


Our products are versatile

Kaosu Group has experience creating solutions for a wide range of clients across many industries. With nearly 40 years of experience, our technical teams have the confidence to produce high quality foam and molds to meet your every need.
We have worked with clients from the following industries:

Food and beverage icon, food box

Food & 





Consumer electronics







Automobile parts


Construction Materials

Why should you choose Kaosu Group?


Inexpensive and efficient solution

Kaosu Group provides EPS, or expanded polystyrene, an inexpensive material with remarkable protective properties. It can cushion, insulate, support, and keep your product dry while adding very little weight.

Innovative solutions

Our team has the resources and experience to help you find the right solution for your needs. We understand that custom solutions require ingenuity, creativity, and cooperation within your specific parameters.


On-demand shipping

All our factory locations have warehouse facilities and we provide ‘JIT’ (just in time) shipping. This means we can deliver the quantities you need, when you need them. So if you are placing a large order, but don't have the space to work with an entire shipment, we can help.

We operate under ethical principles and good management.

Every year, we involve ourselves in different community projects to improve and enrich the lives of the people around us. By involving ourselves in social and environmental causes, we hope to lead our company into a better and sustainable future